Family Owned & Operated

At R2 Real Estate LLC, we pride ourselves on honest, direct and forthright communication that have long helped us forge long lasting relationships with our clients. From small mom and pop businesses to our larger cliental such as Airgas Northeast, we value the process in which a company joins our family brand.

At R2 Real Estate LLC, we specialize in properties ranging in warehouse development to mixed use properties.

Our properties are clean, well located and half the cost of rental prices in major metropolitan cities.


R2 Real Estate LLC. is an industrial and commercial real estate developer/ Lessor that owns and leases over 300,000 square feet of Retail, Warehouse, R&D, Mixed Use, and Flex Space throughout Massachusetts area.

Our properties allow our clients the opportunity to grow within the same general area as many of our locations have multiple properties together.

Convenience and Quality

In addition to the continent great location of our properties, our buildings are well taken care of. They are meticulously maintained and feature high-bay, heavy-power able, sprinklered warehouse facilities in a well maintained and attractive industrial park setting.

Attentive Service

At R2 Real Estate LLC, we value relationships. We want your company to be a part of our family for years to come. Someone on our staff is always able to be reached if there is an emergency, a critical project that needs build out, or help acquiring additional space.

Sister Companies

For real estate needs outside our property portfolio whether acquisition, leases, land development please visit our sister company R2 Real Estate Advisors a KW Commercial affiliate.


Jeff Reisner is an entrepreneur at heart. Starting at an early age selling lemonade, he was captivated by the relationship between customer interactions and sales. Today, he is the president of R2 Real Estate which leases commercial properties that Mr. Reisner has either acquired or built. He is also the vice president and majority owner of his family real-estate holdings company which boasts over 1 million square feet of property.

Over the years Mr. Reisner has learned many skills from different industries of which he has been a part, most notably growing up in the family scrap metal business. Learning the business from the ground up and eventually becoming the CEO of the company before departing to pursue other interests, he learned the importance of doing business the old fashion way as taught by his great uncle: “the shake of a hand, looking someone in the eye and honoring your word – the most important part of any relationship whether it be professional or personal”.

Mr. Reisner implements his great uncle’s motto into his business dealings which speaks as to why his real estate ventures boast a 95% retention rating over the years.

He currently resides in Newburyport, Massachusetts with his wife, Jessica, and son, Davin, and their two dogs.